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Hello 2011!

It's almost 8 am here in Vegas. Tatiana is showered and prepared for bed, munching on some chocolate.
She was lucky enough to see the beautiful red colors of the sunrise paint Las Vegas this first morning of 2011. Vegas can be so very beautiful. And Tatiana's favorite time is early, early morning, when most people are still sleeping. Stripper time. People of the night time.
It's quiet, smells nice and fresh and the colors are gorgeous.
So New was fun. Tatiana has not spent a New Years in Vegas in a long time. People come here from all over to celebrate this occasion but Tatiana prefers to be in LA. Well, not this year.
Tatiana spent New Years with her very good friend Shelley. It was really nice to be with her. And fun. First they went to eat and then they ended up at some freaky party at The Hustler Club. A new strip club here in town. A really nice one too. It wasn't only Tatiana and Shelley, there were some other people in the group too.
For some reason Tatiana got away with not paying any cover charge to get in to Hustler. That was a good sign.
Later when Tatiana got home and emptied her purse, she found a large baggie of coke in her purse too. Nice surprise! Just kidding......!
She found 11 cents in change, Tatiana took that as a good sign too. 11 is Tatiana's number. 2011. 11 cents.
Any New Years resolutions? Yes and no. Nothing specific but Tatiana has lots on her mind. She is bracing herself for many changes, positive changes.

Happy New Year to all of you!!!


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