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On Friday night Julia was looking for something interesting to do, so she concluded that a visit to a Vegas strip club was in order. After rounding up a few friends, (Lyle, Courtney, and Derek) she headed down to Seamless, a topless club that's pretty popular among tourists and also has afterhours with a DJ and go go dancers.

Julia and Tatiana have been there in the past and were always disappointed in the quality of girls.

Friday night was no exception. Julia thought the girls were not quite as bad as she remembered, but most of them were brunettes with big asses and Julia prefers blondes with plastic chests.

It was hard to find a place to sit down, as most of the tables were reserved for bottle service.

After making a few rounds around the club, a table was found and drinks were ordered.

Julia tried really hard to locate a stripper worthy of grinding on her but there were none to be found.

One thing that is interesting about Seamless is the unisex bathroom. Boys and girls can all go into the same bathroom!!

Check out Seamless if you are in the neighborhood, and definately try and stay for afterhours if you are up at 4am....

(Written by Julia).


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