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Here are the toys that Tatiana got for the kids this year. But it was weird, she had a hard time finding a place that would take them. First she called the Marine Corps to find a drop off place, no answer, she left a message but nobody called back. Then she called Wal-Mart and they did not want already purchased toys, they had a different approach. Then Tatiana heard that a local church in Vegas was collecting toys for Christmas, so she called the church but they had all the toys they needed.
So the toys finally ended up at a state funded Methadone clinic on Industrial, close to Crazy Horse Too. One of the counselors working there said he would make sure to give the toys to the people that could not afford a present for their child. Tatiana was content with this. She hopes that the kids will like the toys.
Tatiana remembers when she was about five years old in Sweden. She was given a Barbie type doll by a woman whose daughter had many of them. So she gave Tatiana one of her daughters dolls, the daughter wasn't too happy about this. But Tatiana was in awe over this doll.
It feels good to give.


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