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So in January a club called Marquee is going to open at the latest hotel addition to this city, the city of Las Vegas that is. Inside the Cosmopolitan hotel.
Tatiana does not care too much for the clubs here in town. Why?
Ok, here's why. The music sucks. That's number one. Then, unless you buy an extremely expensive bottle of vodka, like $ 350 and up, or some other bottle of alcohol you are not able to sit down anywhere. That is SOOOO lame! This is how the clubs are making big money. They figured out that they should charge people exorbitant amounts to be able to sit down. And if you have more than three people wanting to sit down by a table, they need to cough up more cash for an additional bottle.
Otherwise, you can dance and walk around in circles all night, stand somewhere. No sitting down. Unless, if you are a girl, some guys with a table, invite you to sit with them. But that's lame too. Besides, Tatiana does not drink. If she would have a couple of vodka drinks she would have to get carried out of the club.
But now Marquee is about to open. Tatiana doubts that the seating and bottle policy will change much, this is a way for the clubs, the cocktail waitresses and the bus boys to make money. What is changing though, is the music.
Instead of top 40 and mostly rap and R&B, and some old tunes that everybody and their grandma is familiar with, they will now play ELECTRONICA (meaning DANCE music) in the main room on Fridays and Saturdays.
Tatiana's fave club in Vegas closed down a long time ago. It was called Utopia, and in it's heyday it was an amazing, magical place. The ones that were lucky enough to experience that place know what Tatiana is talking about.
Tatiana doesn't think that Marquee will be like Utopia, Marquee will be too glitzy for that. But it is definitely better then listening to some 50 Cent rapping about fat asses and opening up bottles, that's just so passé.
So yes, Tatiana will check out Marquee at least once.


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