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Tatiana has been busy with and cards for Christmas. She is almost done, then she has to write in all the cards, decorate them with stickers, put the gifts in packages and take it all down to the post office. What an ordeal!
It's been a busy few days.
Chhaya is recovering good and fast.
Tatiana even managed to find a gift for herself. She has been wanting new Diesel jeans, since that's one of her fave brands, Miss Sixty too btw. But it's not easy to find a good pair of jeans if you are a girl. Maybe for a guy it is, but not for this girl at least.
Well,it was Tatiana's lucky day yesterday. She went to the Diesel store at The Fashion Show Mall and there they were, brand new shipment, gray and tight with some details on the knees. Tatiana said "I NEED"! She has been wanting some gray jeans for a while.
Here are some more Holiday Spirit pics that Tatiana snapped. Cute.
Landis......if you are reading......Linkin Park and The Prodigy in concert here in Vegas at The MGM, February 19. Tatiana wants to go!!!!

Dream Christmas tree.

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Landis on :

Tatiana, you know im reading your blog!! i need to keep up with your amazing adventures. ;-) I think thats a concert you need to go to, although im not sure Chester would be safe with you in the audience, lol. I know if I had the chance i would be there with you.

Tatiana on :

Tatiana is thinking of ways she can attack Chester, in a good way....

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