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Julia to the rescue

Tatiana went down to the mall again this evening. Since there are like four malls on Las Vegas Blv alone it is easy to just go to a different mall every other day. Besides Tatiana is trying to get all her Christmas shopping and preparations done. That's why she is busy with the mall.
Anyhow, she managed to lock the car keys in the car. And she knew it right when she shut the car door. Sure enough, the key was laying on the floor. And guess where the spare key is? Conveniently in Alaska, close enough.......
So Tatiana called for Julia and had her come down with some wire hangers. Tatiana had left a small crack in the window for Chhaya. So she felt she could probably fix the situation, without calling for a locksmith.
First she tried to hook the key on the hanger but that did not go so well. Then Julia suggested that Tatiana should try to push on the window handle, to roll the window down. After just a few tries, Tatiana got the window to roll down enough so she could stick her hand inside and open up the car.

Tomorrow Tatiana is going on a hunt for pink Christmas lights for the tree.


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