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Tatiana met up with Sarah Jane today, she writes very witty, funny and interesting blogs on
A great place to check out before your next Las Vegas visit, or even if you are a local, lots of info on all the important stuff, like all the strip clubs and all kinds of other essential things.
The blogs are a MUST read!
Tatiana and Sarah met up for coffee, they skipped the regular old Starbucks and went to The Beat Coffeehouse instead, downtown on 520 Fremont Street. Lot's of action outside to marvel at while you sip on your coffee in a great environment.
Sarah is a very cool young lady that Tatiana hopes to see more of in the near future.
Here are some pics of Sarah in action, gathering important information for www.afterdarkvegas. YOU NEED!


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Loogammak on :

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Tatiana on :

Ummmmm, yes......this is very valuable info for all you menfolk out there reading this I reckon......
: )
"make adore" - lol!

Anonymous on :

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