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More pics of my baby

Just smothered Chhaya with kisses and flash photography. She was thrilled, as you can see. I can kiss her forever.
Promised her a late night a bit.
Besides that. Picked up the new Las Vegas Weekly today, it comes out on Thursdays. In it it says that four out of five Las Vegas homeowners are underwater.
That basically means that the owner owes more on the mortgage than the house is worth. The American Dream! Yippie!
Tatiana is underwater. Whoever willing to make a large donation to pay off her mortgage, don't be shy, come out of hiding! E mail Tatiana to receive instructions on where to mail the check/s.
More Vegas news. The Cosmopolitan is due to open soon, December 15 that is. Our latest billion dollar hotel. And that will probably be the last hotel to open for a while. Nothing else is scheduled. There might be a few ones imploding in the near future if anything. How can all these hotels be profitable? They can't possible have enough rooms rented out? Hmmmmmm.
There's going to be a new mega club in The Cosmopolitan, Marquee, doesn't sound too bad actually, worth a visit.


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