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December 1 st already

Time sure goes fast. December is here. 2011 around the corner. A new decade, already.
Soooo, what can Tatiana write about this evening? Well, the obvious, Christmas is here soon. Or whatever you want to call it. In Sweden we say JUL. In Poland, it's SWIETA. Tatiana loves giving gifts to others. That is the most fun of all during this season. She does not want anything really. Well, maybe not Those UGGS would be nice. Maybe that Clarisonic Mia face brush, Tatiana has been thinking about that brush for a while now. A gift certificate for a facial. And some new stripper shoes. The current ones need to be exchanged here pretty soon. Stinky. Lol.
Tatiana really likes the new ones from Pleaser, they are called "Stardust" and they come in clear, white, black and pink. They are so new that they are not available for sale yet on Pleaser's site. They are really nice. 7'' heel, size 8.
As always Tatiana urges the ones that can to give some of their time, money or donations this Holiday Season to the ones that have less.
Tatiana will give to a few different places she has in mind. Probably Shade Tree and an animal shelter and to some random kids that would appreciate a gift. She has been thinking about just driving around looking for homeless people and just giving them some food or something, but she is not really sure of where to go.
And nooooo, this is not an attempt of Tatiana to brag about "how great" she is to be doing something good bla bla bla.......that some dumb ass commented recently. (But Tatiana forgives you, because you obviously do not know her personally).
Yes, Tatiana knows that action speaks louder than words, actually she wishes more people would know that and live by that saying instead of just mindlessly yapping it. The reason Tatiana mentions anything about giving something to somebody is because she is hoping that it might inspire somebody else to do the same.
If self centered and preoccupied with themselves strippers like Tatiana can find the spirit of giving inside, then maybe others can to.
There is no need to brag about being great, some of us were just born that way. DA NANG!!!
Tatiana found a great calendar for 2011 today. It was made for girls like her. Since so many people seem to think that Tatiana is a BITCH, she got herself the BITCH calendar. I guess you are a bitch if you speak the truth or point out to people if they are being hypocrites or acting totally awful. But if that makes somebody a BITCH, then Tatiana is proud to be one. That's right.


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