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Beautiful girls and cupcakes

Tuesday many things to do down at Las Vegas Blv. What to do, what to do?
Tatiana is curled up on the couch, watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and eating these irresistible cupcakes from Fresh and Easy. They need to get pulled off the shelves, Tatiana is going to eat all of them! Every night!
The girls walking in their cute lingerie and their funny wings are really yummy too. Tatiana likes modely looking girls, nice feminine hair, pretty long legs, a defined waist. A good face. The whole package, you know. Maybe after a couple of more months on the cupcake diet, Tatiana can audition for next years Victoria's Secret? After all, some girls in Colorado thought that Tatiana reminded them of a Victoria's Secret model.They were probably really high that night.......
The other day Tatiana got a two pairs of pajama pants from Victoria's Secret. A pink pair and a baby blue pair. She also wants the slim pants, maybe a purple pair and a blue pair. They will go well with the UGGS.


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