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Just came back from a visit to the shops at Planet Hollywood. Shopping and Vegas people watching - FUN!
Got a L'Occitane face cream, Tatiana recommends L'Occitane face cream to all the ladies looking for a good moisturizer.
Immortelle Precious Cream, that's what it's called. And then there is the Immortelle Very Precious Cream for night time. Good stuff!
Then Tatiana went in to a shoe store and saw a pair of UGG boots she just might have to get. She has refrained from getting UGGS, sure they are cute, especially the pink short ones but still........but she did see a pair that just screamed Tatiana. They are chocolate brown, three buttons on each, the style is called "Bailey Triplet Button Boots".
Here they are........sweet huh? Tatiana would look cute in those, with some black leggings and maybe some pink or purple leg warmers.


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Landis on :

Hi tatiana, i think i like the uggs, and i think they would look great on you!! but than again what doesnt?? But don't you think their a little warm for vegas?? maybe you should come try them out in the fresh snow we have here in Anchorage. ;-)

Tatiana on :

Hi Landis! Did you go skiing yet? You probably did.
: )

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