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Are you ready for the turkey?

Thanksgiving tomorrow. Usually means food time.
Tatiana is spending the day at home with her Chhaya, Julia will be here, Mikey is coming and maybe Julia's bf.
The house looks nice and clean. Tatiana is making pierogi's, kraut in some and potato in some. Served with sour cream and lightly fried onion.
Two different kind of Polish sausage. Apple pie. And some pink champagne. Tatiana is not having turkey. Tatiana is not making the pierogi's from scratch. She bought them pre made at the Polish Deli here in Vegas. Super yummy stuff to be found there.
You buy the little yummy pierogi's frozen, then you boil them and then fry them a little, together with the onion. Tatiana's mouth is watering even thinking about the food she is going to enjoy tomorrow.
Right now, Tatiana is extremely thankful for that she is able to eat every day. What a blessing!


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Kevin on :

The best of Thanksgivings to you Tatiana!
You culinary descriptions made my stomach growl.

Anonymous on :

Having food on the table every day is a blessing . I hope you will have a wonderfull thanks giving. /ulliss

Tatiana on :

Thank you Ulliss and Kevin!

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