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Tatiana is having some seriously MAJOR drama! Way more major than the other day.........! Ready to hear about it?
Warning! If you have difficulties understanding Tatiana's sense of humor, please STOP reading now. Tatiana is a very considerate and caring person, she cares about you, she does not want you to pop a vein in your forehead.
Back to the drama. Nothing major actually.......Tatiana was just exaggerating, to get your attention.
No drama, just a minor bump in the road.
Started driving back to Vegas this afternoon. About 30 miles from the 15 highway, there was no more driving, highway closed down due to heavy snow.
So here we are, Tatiana, Angelica and Chhaya, in Richfield on the 70 highway, Utah. Happening place.
Watching tv. Wondering if we will stay here for a few days? Spending Thanksgiving at this 70's style motel seems like fun.
Tatiana got undressed and started admiring herself in the mirror. This perfect ass, even more perfect right now, she just stuffed herself with a yummy burrito and apple pie with ice cream. Added a cellulite or two to the collection, made it even better!
Tatiana suspects that her fan "anonymous" is some girl with no ass at all, like totally flat, jealous of Tatiana's Polish juicy behind.
That's right bitch, go get some money and spend it on Tatiana, bitch!
Later on we will start a photo shoot session. That is how Tatiana spends her life, taking pictures of herself and her friends. All totally CRAZY!!!!!
Tatiana is approaching 500 blogs and in each and every one, all she does is goes on and on about her superior ways. Oh yes. And putting up pictures of her perfection.
Nothing better to do, that's right.
It is not easy being this awesome, but somebody has to do it. Full time job.
Good night from Utah.


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Anonymous on :

Thanks for making me laugh! I love your blog, most likely because I read at a forth grade level. Duh.

Alex on :

Hi T,

Yes is good to have a healthy sense of humor. They say that laughing can extend your life a few more years. I probably just extended my life a few minutes after reading your last blog. I am probably going to be in LV friday after TGiving. I would love some suggestions on where to go to get into trouble for a few hours. The last place you recommended was the Empire Ballroom.


Tatiana on :

You are soooooo DA NANG!
: )

Anonymous on :

Hahaha. I bet it is a full time job :-) You are amazing girl ;-)

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