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Tatiana knows that she has like the BEST blog......and she knows that all of you agree with that!
But she spends time reading and enjoying some other blogs too. Tatiana has no problem appreciating other people besides herself.
Here are the blogs that Tatiana pays attention to.

Dalin Nano's blog. She lives in Sweden and she used to strip but she doesn't do that anymore. She writes mostly about guys and make up. Not too deep.

Katrin Zytomierska's blog. She lives in Sweden but she was born in Poland, just like Tatiana. Since they have that in common, Tatiana started reading Katrin's blog. Katrin writes a lot and mostly about her newborn lately since she recently became a Mom, but she keeps it pretty interesting and she sometimes writes about heavier subjects like politics and she is also opinionated and Tatiana REALLY likes that. Katrin is together with Bingo Rimer, a famous Swedish photographer. Good blog!

Tatiana's friend in Sweden, Ulrika's blog. It's important to check up on your friends........

Sarah Jane Woddall's blog. The Skin City Diaries. Very entertaining and interesting blog about Sarah Jane's adventures in Vegas. And what a small world it is...... Tatiana discovered Sarah Jane's blog when Sarah left Tatiana a comment a while back. In the comment Sara left a link to her blog, Tatiana checked it out and thought the blog was great. Yesterday Tatiana spent some time with her friend Rich, that she has known for a long time. She mentioned to him that this girl Sara Jane from such and such blog had commented on Tatiana's blog. And Rich informed Tatiana that he knows Sara. How cool is that!
Tatiana thinks Sara seems pretty fun herself, besides they both have pics in Rich's leather horse mask. But Tatiana doesn't think that Sara knows about that, yet. Yea, it would be fun to meet Sara, Tatiana thinks.

In a recent Maxim, there was a mention of a few blogs written by strippers/dancers. Why Tatiana's blog wasn't mentioned is still a mystery to her.....??????
HELLO Maxim, do your research, Tatiana's blog is THE BEST! So, make sure to put that on your front page, pronto!
Anyways, Tatiana checked out the blogs mentioned and she likes Kat's blog, it's hilarious and interesting to read.

Well, it's getting late, not for Vegas but for Tatiana. She had a long day and she has a cold, runny nose, sneezing, heavy eyes. Sleep sounds like a good idea.


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