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Things to and to get, wishlist.

Tatiana got excited after she saw Megan Fox and her hubby Brian posing with a gorgeous tiger at some place called Big Cat Encounters in Pahrump. Since Pahrump is kind of close to Vegas, Tatiana though maybe she too could go there and cuddle with the tigers. Well, it turns out to be kind of pricey, so maybe not.
Donations anyone? : )
Besides that, Tatiana has always wanted to go to a Korean Spa. She just didn't know where there was one (a good one). Today while she was looking at Clarisonic facebrushes at Neimans, a Korean sales lady told her about a local Vegas Korean spa for ladies only, where you get a good scrubbing and a massage. So Tatiana is planning on a visit to the Korean spa sometime in the near future. Exciting!!!!

Tatiana wants this!

Cuddle with the tigers!


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