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While Tatiana was in Williston she came across a saying that etched itself into her mind, this is a real good one too, not always the easiest to follow but Tatiana really likes this saying and she has been trying to live up to it for a while now. Ready?
"Procrastination is the thief of time".
So the point is.......Tatiana is trying a new club next week. Somewhere kind of far away. In Colorado. She just finished booking a rental car and a room. So it's done. And the best part of it, she is bringing Chhaya.
Chhaya has actually been to Denver with Tatiana when Tatiana worked at Shotgun Willies for over a month a while back. But no, it is not Shotgun Willies that Tatiana is returning to. Or Denver.
So new adventures awaits.


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