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Tatiana is excited over this new make up store called Inglot that just opened here in Vegas, location Town Square. There is one in the Forum Shops too.
She actually came across this place last week, just by passing it while she was doing some last minute shopping before the LA trip. So she went in the store and got a sample of the primer, which turned out to be GREAT, way better than Smashbox and she also got a sample of a dark purple eye shadow with glitter in it. Inglot has a great selection of fun eye shadows, lipsticks and awesome fake lashes. And much more. There are two stores here in Vegas and many more around the world, like in Warszawa (Warszaw), Dubai, London, New York, just to mention a few.
Not tested on animals! Many of the products are paraben free and the nail polish is breathable. Very cool!
This place reminds Tatiana of MAC but better, more fun and with better prices. And guess what? It is a POLISH company, the products are made in Poland and Inglot was established 25 yeras ago by Wojtek Inglot.
Tatiana is happy to see a Polish cosmetic company do well. She took Ireland down to Town Square today show her Inglot and Ireland loved the products too.


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