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The drive

Almost Midnight. Got back from a weekend in LA a short while ago. Tired, ready to sleep. Chhaya is already sleeping on the couch but I am going to have her lay with me in bed and cuddle with me.
That drive between LA and Las Vegas is about 280 miles. Lots of desert. But I usually drive it at night after I am done in LA. Like today, had to go to Fred Segal and both Kitson locations. Tried on some J Brand pants and a Rebel Yell hoodie. Pants did not look good on but might get the hoodie.
It was a full moon. Everybody speeds on that road. It hailed too. I am glad we are home and ok.
Was too late for the Swedish meatballs at IKEA, next time.
Party is over, that always feels weird. It is over so fast, like it never happened. It is very bitter sweet.


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