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Traveled all day to make it back to Vegas. Shortly after picking up a very happy Chhaya, it started pouring down rain, heavy rain, loud thunder and lightning! It's nice when it rains in Vegas. Tatiana made a pit stop at the Polish Deli for some Kabanosy (Polish sausage) that she shared with Julia in the car, Chhaya got some too of course. Oh, so yummy!
Later on Tatiana drove down to Spring Mountain Road, where we have lots of Asian businesses here in Vegas, our own little Chinatown. There Tatiana met BLISS and an angel named Cathy. Tatiana opted for a 90 minute massage at Traditional Foot Massage, a place recommended to her by Mikey. This was the best money she ever spent. Every minute was absolute bliss. All Tatiana could think of was, "Ooooh, this is soooooo goooood" .This massage was the best and very needed by Tatiana. She is so going back, next time for 120 minutes.
Now the bed and some much needed sleep. Tomorrow, a facial at the Hard Rock Spa.


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