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Heartbreakers and Williston White

Tatiana knows that you are all dying to know where she is! So here is a little recap.
Last Thursday night Tatiana and Julia got into Minot ND after a long travel. The following day, after spending the night at Super 8 Motel in Minot where they first got a room reeking of smoke, which they promptly exchanged for a no smoking 70's style porno movie looking room, all black pleather, they made it to their final destination, Williston ND.
The club Tatiana and Julia are working in is called HEARTBREAKERS and the opening was last Friday, October 8. Tatiana was the first girl on stage. She played "Bossy" by Lindsay Lohan as her first song just to let everybody know that the real boss had arrived.
The girls are staying in a tiny room with two twin beds side by side, so small that Tatiana is sharing the bed with her suitcase. There is another girl staying in another room and an additional one is arriving tomorrow for a three night stay. A few girls are staying other places.
The club has a pole on the stage which is nice, since the last two clubs that Tatiana worked at didn't. A pole will just enhance a dancers stage performance Tatiana thinks.
There has been plenty of drama and confusion but in the end it is rather entertaining and just another adventure and experience for Tatiana.
The weather is surprisingly nice and sunny. It gets cold at night but the girls have plenty of blankets to cover them at night now, Tatiana borrowed a comforter from the nice neighbor yesterday because she was freezing at night. Julia scored a few blankets on the Delta flight.
So far we had between 5 and 7 girls working. It's a small town (very small) but there is oil here and guys are out here working the oil fields and staying in man camps because there isn't enough housing for them all.
Heartbreakers is right next door to Whispers, which was the only strip club in town until now.
As far as the drama, there were two girls working with extremely bad attitudes. Tatiana was just waiting to get into a serious confrontation with them. But another girls beat her to it. So yes, there was a girl fight in the club the other night, when Tatiana was on the stage, showing off to some ZZ Top, the boys here like rock and country. House music is a confusing concept here. Not heard of. Tatiana has also played Marilyn Manson, Rammstein and Scorpions.
And later one of the girls with the bad attitude, think of attitude like a hardcore gang member from East LA (total trash), got pulled over for a DUI. Good! The last Tatiana heard, she is still locked up, exactly where she belongs. Nasty. A bottle of beer and a tequila shot followed her around the cub all night long.
As far as the confusion, there has been some issues with the music, the amount of songs that each girl dances on stage and some things like that.
Today Tatiana went furniture shopping with the owner/manager of the club. We needed different seating in the lap dance area. There were just regular chairs there and since there is no touching (which some girls seem to have a problem understanding, of course) the guys arms have been awkwardly just hanging to the sides. Tatiana said that proper armchairs would make the dances way better, quality and would make the guys spend more money. So today Tatiana helped the manager pick out three really comfy armchairs. Hopefully they will be installed tonight.
So, "Williston White". Where does that come from? Well, supposedly this place was known for a very high meth production. Lots of people hitting that meth pipe. Therefore the product coming out of here was known as Williston White, so far the towns only claim to fame, until now that is, now it will be known as the place where you can see the one and only and so fabulous Tatiana!
We also have the best bartender ever, Jarid, he is SOOOO Bruno, he is probably the cutest boy in town and he has a boyfriend. A cute and fab gay boy makes the place so much more fun to work at.
Right now Tatiana is sitting at a cafe with wireless, sipping a vanilla latte. Later she will walk back to the dancer dwellings and take a shower and get ready to strut her stuff on the stage to some AC/DC. Tatiana made the manager buy some cd's at Wal Mart today.
The girls are returning to Vegas next week. Will Tatiana return here? She does not know yet. The manager wants her back but Tatiana needs to look over the profits versus the expenses first at the end of her stay. She is actually planning on working at a new club in Colorado next month. It will be closer to Vegas and she will be able to bring Chhaya. Tatiana’s friend Rich is doggy sitting her right now.
But first she will make time for MONSTER MASSIVE on October 23 in Los Angeles. Yeay! HOUSE MUSIC!
So now you know where Tatiana is and what she is doing. If you want to see her you need to come to Williston ND!

Life Is Great at Super 8!

Our totally DA NANG room!

Tatiana and Hello Kitty.

Julias behind and Heartbreakers rules.

Main street Williston.


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Kevin on :

Maybe you should own a strip club. Then you could be a bossy boss.

Tatiana on :

I would be the best boss ever since I believe strongly in playing fair and following the rules so that everybody works under the same conditions.
My girls would be pretty, classy and intelligent.
But as far as having my own club, never say never but I rather rescue animals than strippers.

Victoria on :

Hi Tatiana. Luv luv luv your blog. I'm from Alaska too. And u agree. I'd save all the animals first !!
Gonna head to Williston. Drop me a line some time if you have any advice :@)

g on :

Hey Girl, are there any gay clubs or bars in Williston that you know or heard of???


Williston is a small town, no gay clubs or bars that I know of. I had the pleasure of working with a bartender that was gay there. He told me that he would have to go to Bismarck to go to gay bars/clubs.

Tatiana from NY on :

I'm thinking of going to Williston to dance at one or both clubs there. Do you think the money is better there than anywhere else? I've read that it is possible to make $1,000 to $4,000 a night there. Is this true?

Tatiana on :

HI Tatiana from NY.
If you read my blog there is plenty of info reg Williston and what my personal opinion is about making that kind of money. Search the blog for entries on Williston or Heartbreakers.
It just so happens that I am back in Williston at the moment, so if you check in here you will be able to read all about it.

crystal on :

My names crystal im from louisiana is it true dancers make real good money at whispers im looking for a good club to go dance at i no know one so im a lil worried ,.

Paola on :

Who do you talk to to get hired there? I want to head to Williston but want to get hired before I go.


I sent you an e mail w some info.

kat on :

oooh! oooh! oooh! me too! me too, tatiana! can you send some of that info my way as well? =D
ps love your blog, girlie!

Cata'Leya on :

May i have the link also i just arrived her in Williston myself and have been wanting to go check it out but need to know what requirements are. If you dont mind love please and thank you

Tatiana on :

Info for club Whispers

Liam Randall on :

Tatiana, please send info as my girl and her friend want to come work there!

Ashley on :

Hey Tatiana! I was interested in working there as well, could you send me some info to please... would be greatly appreciated! :-)

cindy denholm on :

Tatiana, I've lost my man "Dan" to williston, I have a "special needs son", he won't call back, I'm sure you've met him, I am your New England twisted sister, please send him back to the track, for the boy and his wife needs him. I need help u can do it. If u have a heart, all I can ask


Hello Cindy,
Read my respose to you in the entry called "Hmmmmmm......" dated 12/29/2011 in the blog.

Tara Kelly on :

Hi!! must say your blog is super cute!! im trying to find out the hiring process at heartbreakers? any help is greatly appriciated:)
thanks, Tara

Jane Doe on :

Hi Tatiana,
I not only want but desperately need to work here by this July 2012. Please email me some info

Olivia Arora on :

Hello girlie! Great blog! Very helpful. Been curious about Williston ND and like the others would like more information about stripping there. Any information you can pass along would be great. Thanks again. Olivia

AngelaM on :

Hi there! Love your blog, and can you please email me the info for working there as well? Thanks so much!

Santinamarie on :

Awesome blog, Id love the info for Heartbreakers if you have the time to email me as well...I have a place to stay in Williston and may be looking to rent a room out as well if you know anyone in need?...have you been back recently?

Tatiana on :

Ladies....I have e mailed you the info.
If you can't find the email look in your SPAM box.
You can also email me directly.....

Aurora on :

The whole deal on CNN concerning the moneyhere was an extreme exageration, and every girl whohas workedhere will tell you that. It was a publicitystunt to try and bring in more money. Not a bad club to work at but definitely not worth losing time at othe clubs just for a week of booking. Plus, since heartbreakers was flooded, apparently there has been a problem with mold.

Tatiana on :

I KNOW that there is no way anyone can make $2000 every night stripping. No matter HOW gorgeous you might
If you ladies would actually bother reading my blogs....not only this one, there are some blogs where I bring up the much hyped $2000/night issue.
I worked at Heartbreakers myself, I was the first girl on the stage, opening night October 2010. find out how the club advice would be.....go there and see for yourself.....but do not expect to make the kind of money that the girl in the CNN clip claimed she makes each night....

Ty on :

Love your blog! =]
When you get a chance could you email me the info too, please?

kaylynn on :

Hey is there be way u could send me the info so I could book there plz?? Thanks

Rachel on :

Hi Tatiana
could you also send me some info too please?
Thanks :-)

BeautifulRiot on :

WoW! I love your stories miss lady.. is there any way u could tell me how to get hired there?

Double on :

I want to come there and work can u please send me the info to

Genie on :

Hey I would love to get some info about working at heartbreakers my fiance works around the area and i dance in Minneapolis but would love to be closer to my fiance.

Lynsie on :

I need information! heading there soon! Who do I ask for or talk to??? Thanks

nicole pearson on :

Hello I've been thinking of coming up 2 work at heartbreakers. I know about the long hours and u gotta be on ur hustle there but can u send me info aboutbooking and tip out and places 2 stay at. Thanks :-)

starkelly on :

Hello i to am interested in coming up. This is a great blog, very helpful. I would greatly appreciate it if you could also send me info on the hiring process and places to stay while there. Thank you i look forward to hearing from you.

Lyla Callen on :

I have just moved to Williston and I am very interested in getting some info on working there too! plz send me the info. Thanks so much!!!

Pierre Maraval on :


I am a producer for french television. I am working on a documentary film about Willinston and the oil boom in North Dakota. I would be interested to interview girls who work(ed) in the strip clubs there.

Do you still stay in Williston ?

Please let me know. Thank you very much.


Pierre Maraval

Tatiana on :

D'accord, je vais vous ecrire un email.

Lesya Basaraba on :

Hi Tatiana, I am trying to contact the club, or you to see if I could come in and dance. Love your name btw! My name is Lesya Basaraba and I am a former dancer. I would work it like no other and have full confidence that I would bring in a mob. Really love to entertain and strut my stuff. Would knock peoples socks off. I am able to send over photos and more info whenever. looking forward to hearing back from you!

Tatiana on :

Info for club Whispers

badassbouncerchickblu on :

Heartbreakers, Williston, North Dakota

There is money to be made there but you need a good plan. You need to have a safe place to stay and your own transportation.

Stage Fee: $120

Drink Incentives: $1 per drink and winner gets $50.

Bar Hours: 9ish - 1:00 am. The bar closes too early.

The Customers: Great! They were polite and fun and were there to have a good time and spend money. The other dancers, for the most part, fun to work with.

Patrick the GM: Good guy. He is no allowed to run the bar. I think he would do a great job if he were allowed to handle the day-to-day and the personnel.

Cody: Owner’s son. Stands in for the bouncers at the door or at the lap dance area. Very sweet. Very professional. Not a cocky bone in his body. Ella and I were big fans.

“Denver” the Bartender: Good guy. He doesn’t smile tons but he does a good job and offered us girls a ride home one night when we were stranded.

Brett the Bouncer: Excellent at his job. He needs to leave Williston and go to a city where he get paid and do a great job. Brett is on the ball. He is fair. He isn’t violent. His de-escalation of intense situations speak to his confidence and intelligence. He’s not itching to find a fight. He is polite to the entertainers, co-workers, and customers. If there is a problem, there are no questions asked, he just does his job with a smile on his face.

Travis the Bouncer: Very nice and professional bouncer. He is polite and respectful to customers, co-workers, and entertainers. And out of pure generosity, he gave us girls (5 of us) a ride to the house we were staying at several nights in a row. I can’t tell you how nice it was just to have the ride without all the full court press flirt.

James the Bouncer: Very nice and professional bouncer. Not an easy place for a man of color to work but he carried himself with dignity and respect and was afforded the same in return (mostly). James was also kind enough to give us girls a ride to the house. Again, no flirting. Just polite and professional.

Beefy the Bouncer: Completely sexually inappropriate with the dancers. Touches the dancers excessively and makes inappropriate and off-putting comments. He is threatening and rude to the customers and is often heard saying how much he wants to hurt a customer. Beefy is a colossal liability (sexually and physically) to the bar. He is at least 6’5” tall and menacing. Oh, yes.... I politely asked him to stand back from a conversation I was having with another entertainer. I touched him on the chest and said to move back. He flew into a temper tantrum, railing on about how he has a hurt knee and I just hurt it again. He was just butthurt that I didn’t want him involved in my conversation.

Naomi the Cocktail: She is on the ball and helps hustle drinks and dances for the girls. Make sure and tip her well.

Chuck the Bouncer: He is exceedingly physically aggressive. There is truly something wrong with him. He hit my hat so hard, while at work, that he jammed my neck. He was pulling at the strings to my girlfriend’s top until she had to scream at him to make him stop. He was told many times by a little Pilipino dancer to keep his arm off her head (He thought that was very funny, resting his arm on her head). He also stomped on her toe, while acting stupid, and caused her to lose her toe nail. Chuck lives at “Nate’s” also and was intrusive by going into our living area, looking through our things and taking food from our plates as we tried to prepare ourselves something to eat at 4:30 a.m. (When we finally got home from the bar). Chuck is almost 7 feet tall and is a bully. He has no business as a bouncer, as he is completely inept for such a position.

DJ: No idea what his name is. He is a black guy. He is too touchy and is inappropriate and unprofessional with the dancers. He managed to cause some customers to be taken out of the bar because he was being inappropriate with my friend and she checked him, which caused the patrons to get involved. He also told me that he though he could knock me out with one punch...That he was more “gangster” than me. Such a weird thing to say to a girl. I don't think he is a bad guy. I think he needs to polish up on his professionalism.

Rio the Owner: He drinks at his bar every night and has the DJ play some pretty awful music, however, I really don’t have an opinion about him or even the taller owner.

NATE the Housing Guy: THIS IS A MAN CAMP! YOU PAY $60 PER NIGHT FOR HOUSING AND TRANSPORTATION. The housing is dirty, unsafe, and unsecured. Nate describes his place as super scenic with lots of amenities. You can see the Missouri River from his front room (where he and his girlfriend chain smoke, drink soda and play Worlds of WarCraft or some stupid not-for-real-life game). Most of the rooms for the girls do not have locks, i.e., bunk beds in a family room, right off the laundry room, where everybody that lives on the property does their laundry.

There are also men that live inside that house, i.e., Chuck the Bouncer. He came into the our living space and was just hanging out one afternoon, UNINVITED, while checking everything out and making comments about all our money, etc. There are more men living on that property than women. Some in trailers, some in the house. In other words, strippers with no security and several hundred dollars on with them are sleeping in a small man camp. There is no way to protect yourself. Ella and I let everybody in that house know we were carrying blades.

If you stay at Nates, it is nearly impossible to get a ride to the store so you can feed yourself. Ella and I didn’t really eat two days. You can’t get a ride to the bank or credit union to deposit your money. Nate often offers his safe, which only he has the combo.... hmmmmm.... I reminded the girls that if he dies with their money in his safe, that money becomes part of his estate and they will never see it again.

YOU CANT GET A RIDE HOME AFTER WORK AT 1:00 A.M. BECAUSE THE OWNER OF THE HOUSE, NATE, IS TRASHED BY 9 PM. Except you pay an extra $20 each night just trying to get back to the house.

Nate’s house is filthy, full of stale cigarette smoke and un-vacuumed carpets, bugs of all sorts (we killed at least 7 while we were there), and disgusting bathrooms. AAAAnd....the exterior doors are never locked.

Nate also talks up a blue streak about how he runs that town and how he has paid off law enforcement so he can drive around drunk. He runs down Heartbreakers and tries to get girls to dance at Whispers instead.

The following is the farewell text went to Nate the Housing Guy:

Dear Nate:

Ella and I left your home this morning by cab.

Transportation and accommodations you provided were unreliable, illegal, and mostly dangerous. Completely unacceptable.

Ella and I both have incurred unreasonable costs due to your failure to provide acceptable/reasonable accommodations and transportation. Consequently, you will not receive any further compensation from either of us, including November 8th’s daily rent of $60.

I am sure this comes as no surprise.



cc: Patrick, GM Heartbreakers

Tatiana on :

WOW - that is a long comment! I can say from what I have seen and heard myself from working at Heartbreakers that your description of Nate and his place seems to be fairly accurate. I decided AGAINST staying at Nate's place because I heard many girls complain about his drinking habits and that he even made many girls uncomfortable by being inappropriate. Also, I like my privacy and I do not smoke. His house seems to have too many people staying in it and I think smoking is allowed. It is also too far from town for me. I'd rather find another place to stay.
When I worked at the club I was there before 6 pm.
And the owners name is not Rio. It's Jared and I personally don't have anything bad to say about him.

John Ross on :

Would U ever work at Heart-breakers again?

Tatiana on :

Maybe, it is possible but I do not have any immediate plans to work there.

Kayla Brandt on :

I would like to know how to work there?? My husband and i are moving in that direction soon and that is the type of work i am in! Any suggestions would be appreciated:) Thanks. Kayla

michelle on :

I dance would like to come there i travel now and i hear its great there let me know

thx brooke

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