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Back to Vegas fun

Weather is great. Tatiana is happy that she can go to Whole Foods and Fresh And Easy.
The local strip club Little Darlings is looking for some willing GILF's and MILF's to take it off and compete for some cash. That might be interesting to watch but Tatiana is leaving on Thursday.
You don't know what a GILF or MILG is? Google it. For the record, Tatiana is none of those, she is just SuperHot.
: )

If you want to read about what happened at Little Darling's the night when the lovely (older) ladies shook their clothes off, you can read all about it here.......
Tatiana's friend Sarah Jane reports all about it here, pictures too!


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Anonymous on :

Wow.... Very nice photo of Julia!! ;-)

Tatiana on :

Tatiana thinks that you are referring to the photo of Julia at the airport. Yes, she is really DA NANg in that photo, isn't she?

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