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Weather and littering

So it's been raining the last couple of days. The leaves are yellow and falling off the trees, Fall is here, or is it Autumn? Two different words for the same season. Is it more proper to use one over the other? Tatiana is not sure.
Tatiana is taking Chhaya out later for a walk and a run, even if it's raining. Like we say in Sweden, "det finns inget daligt vader, bara daliga klader". Meaning, there is no bad weather, just bad clothing. Tatiana heard that more than once in school in Sweden if it was cold and/or rainy and there was some outdoors activity scheduled that day, like orienteering.
So, a few days ago Tatiana came across a small notice in "Anchorage Press" a free weekly paper that comes out in Anchorage, about a woman that got fined for littering because she threw a cigarette butt out of her car. Tatiana totally agrees with that. Fine all of them! Smoking is gross. Not only do smokers subject other people to their nasty cigarette smoke, whatever - Tatiana can live with that. Tatianas Mom smokes.
But she is not ok with lazy, inconsiderate people that keep on throwing their yucky cigarette butts all over the place. WTF? Put that crap in the trash. Nature is not a trash can. What is it about that fact that seems so difficult to understand?
Yeah, littering, Tatianas pet peeve.


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