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I love horses

Horses were my first big love. I was one of those horse crazy girls, dreaming of owning one, spending lots of free time in some stable, tending to the horses and from time to time when I had the money - got to ride them. Riding horses is a rather expensive hobby in Sweden and since we were not exactly wealthy when I was growing up, the riding part was a treat. But you could spend time in the stables for free. The horses always needed a good brushing and lots of cuddling.
Then when I was about 13 I got to ride a horse a couple of times a week in exchange for grooming her. I was in heaven.
Some time after that, the horses took second seat to another growing fascination - boys.
Well, I have never abandoned my love for horses. Though I have not found many good riding opportunities here in the US. You can rent horses in Griffith Park in LA or in Red Rock in Vegas but those poor horses are almost abused by all the random people that ride them. I couldn't bring myself to ride the horses for rent in Vegas, they seemed not well taken care of and it is too hot most of the time.
So I went riding yesterday here in Alaska, in Cooper Landing. It was still early and a little chilly and foggy when we went riding. My horses name was Sunny and he was really great. We rode up a mountain side through a path in the forest, the scenery was beautiful.
After the ride I gave Sunny lots of kisses, hugs and cuddles. It made me realize that I want horses to be a part of my life again.
I don't know if I will actually become a horse owner but there are other options. I will look into those sometime soon.
Here are pics of me and Sunny. We have similar hair color!


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