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Lame ok?

Ok, so Paris Hilton and her current bf Cy, a Vegas night club well known, were caught recently on suspicion of drug charges. Paris had some coke (not the drink) in her purse. And there was some marijuana involved. Shocking!!! (Not).
Shortly after, Paris was banned from entering all Wynn and Encore resorts in Vegas. They had been at XS that night, a night club at Encore (where two of my friends work) and Cy was fired from his manager position at XS.
This is lame ok?! People are doing drugs, these two are adults. Whether they want to get drunk on alcohol (legal but a mind altering substance after all) or snort some coke or stay sober - should be their own choice.
It's different if you decide to drive while whacked out of your mind.
Does Steve Wynn think that every person that enters one of his resorts is a law-abiding church-goer who would never dream of using illegal drugs? Well, my bet is NO. He made millions from gambling and alcohol sales. Hypocrite.
Phuleeease, this is Vegas. This is what people do. Pretending something different is just lame. Drugs are around and will be around. Big deal. It should be up to the individual to decide whether they want to do them or not. And control their drug use. The "war on drugs" is dumb. What about alcohol and nicotine? Are these not drugs? Do people become alcoholics and smoke cigarettes like they are going out of style? Yes.
The firing of Cy from XS is something else. The employees of XS are not allowed to use illegal substances and everyone is drug tested as part of their employment and they do random drug tests. Cy, though in a high position, was still an employee of the club and XS made an example of him.
I don't think that what people do on their spare time should implement on their professional life though, if they are able to keep business and pleasure apart. It's one thing to be high or drunk while out at a bar or a club, or at home than to be inebriated at work.
I work in an environment with people in different stages of intoxication are around me at times, that doesn't mean that I have to get drunk or snort coke or do whatever. Why? Because I am in control of my choices and decide myself what I want to do.
Tons of people have tried drugs and/or use them once in a while and function totally well. It is possible to enjoy some drugs once in a while and not become a drug addict. Really! I promise.
What society should put some emphasis on instead is the legal drugs that doctors push on people. Have you noticed all the new disorders and health problems that get invented each year and the drugs that are available to cure them? Now there is even some pill you can take in case your pills that you already take for your sk depression aren't working. Seriously? BS I say.
Legalize the drugs already. They are fun to do. Party time!

Tatiana does recognize that drugs create problems for some people and that is sad. But it is the individuals choice to do them. And/or to stop, get treatment if they want.
Aspirin, something most people consider harmless, accounts for thousands of deaths annually in the US. Tobacco, obesity, alcohol and adverse reactions to prescription drugs all top deaths caused by illegal drugs. Education and information are the keys.
Tatiana does not think that young teenagers have any business smoking, drinking and doing drugs since their bodies and internal organs are still developing. There is plenty of time for experimenting as an adult.
At this years Electric Daisy Carnival, a 15 year old girl died after supposedly doing E. Or what she though was E. Finding a pure MDMA pill at a party is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Pills are usually mixed up with other things. And there is also the dosage question. And a persons overall health, to be taken into consideration. Due to this girls death, big parties, like raves, can not be held at the LA Sports Arena after 2010. Hopefully they will reconsider this.
180 000 people attended Electric Daisy Carnival over the two days the party went on. Tatiana does not think that what happened to the girl should be the cause of shutting down all the parties. It was her choice to be there and to do what she did. If somebody had hurt her/raped her/forced her to do something, it would had been a different story. Her parents were talking about suing the promoter of the party. Is this person supposed to be responsible for the actions of everybody attending a party? That is just ridiculous.
So if somebody comes to church high, Tatiana is sure some people do and collapses during sermon and later dies, is the priest or that church to blame? It is easier to blame other people for you own mistakes and problems. And in this country you can sue others for problems you bring on onto yourself. The party and the promoter did not contribute to the girls death. Yes, it is unfortunate that this happened to her but don't punish everybody else involved with the party.
MDMA what is also known as Ecstasy has been and is used for great research. Look it up if you don't believe it. Don't swallow everything Big Brother tells you. A drug like MDMA can be a very positive experience for an individual, open up doors to a higher consciousness. Big Brother doesn't want people to think outside of the box. It's better if people get drunk, alcohol doesn't exactly lead to many positive revelations, or numb their bodies and minds with greasy, hormone infused foods, conk out in front of the tv. Large, positive, dance gatherings, mostly non violent and very accepting is almost like a revolution in itself. That's "bad", so every excuse to control or ban them is executed. Tatiana goes to these events because they are FUN, for the GREAT music and so she can DANCE all night long. Dancing is the best therapy!
There are many mind opening substances out there. Open your heart and your mind, venture outside the life in front of the tv/the norm. Cigarettes and alcohol are legal, but really why? Think about that.
Tatiana is not saying that people should be popping MDMA pills or chomping down on mushrooms every day. Everything in moderation. And some people should never do drugs, that includes alcohol. She is saying, don't believe everything that comes out of Big Brothers mouth.
Listen to Tatiana, she will give you the right information.


Here is some text taken from the September/October 2010 issue of Adbusters.

"In the beginning of human culture, people knew how to shake their booties, and in their doing so, the secrets of the universe were revealed."

"The wisdom of the East is as ignorant as the wisdom of the West. Look where both have gotten us. Let's consider the wisdom of Mother Africa, the ancestral culture that honored rhythms more than words."

"This is the revolution: Shake everything up - your body, mind, heart, understandings and everyday routines. Shake yourself into ecstatic truth."

"Look at the oldest library in the world - the rock art of southern Africa. What we see are images of people dancing themselves into ecstasy. Religions and philosophies can never deliver the truth we most deeply desire. Our born destiny is the same as the first humans - to release our bodies, our whole beings, into feeling and expressing the deepest joy and ecstasy. In other words, dancing ourselves into heaven, enlightenment, peace and love."

I say AMEN to that.


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