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Peace, Love & Juicy

Tatiana NEEDS the new Peace, Love & Juicy perfume by Juicy Couture! Tatiana LOVES the Juicy Couture brand, they have super cute clothes and hand bags, the colors are nice and the style is exactly what Tatiana likes.
"The bottle, which features a heart-shaped peace sign and hot pink tassels, is wrapped with a beaded turquoise bracelet that doubles as a stylish accessory and underscores the brand's girly DNA."
So the new fragrance is coming out this month,'s September already? Wow.
You can be Tatianas hero and get her a Peace, Love & Juicy, actually get her two (large bottles preferably) so she can give one to Julia. She needs too!
If you like the way Tatiana smells, you should know that it is probably with the help of Viva La Juicy, by Juicy Couture, one of Tatianas favorite perfumes. It is nice to smell yummy Tatiana thinks.......
The perfume will be sold at places like Nordstrom, Nieman Marcus, Saks.

Tatianas address

Tatiana J.
PO BOX 100671
Anchorage AK 99510

Thanks! XOXO


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