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Early morning

Gorgeous sunrise with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. Maybe today is going to be a sunny day? There has been a lot of rain lately, not a very warm and sunny Summer so far. Tatiana is up bright and early, but she will probably go to sleep pretty soon and sleep until sometimes this afternoon.
Last night was raining away. Movies are fun on a rainy Sunday. Tatiana saw "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" - yes it's a movie too. Tatiana loves Lisbeth Salander, that character is really cool. If you watched the movie you might remember that she swings at a car with a golfclub. Another Swedish lady did this back in November. Elin. Yes, that is just one of the many useful things they teach us girls in Sweden. Elin, by the way decided to divorce Tiger. Tatiana agrees with that move. "Stand by your man" might work in some cases but not in a case like this.
Tatiana is gearing up for a facial and a pedicure next week.


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