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OH NO! Tatiana's air conditioning has been broken for TWO days! Did she mention it is about 116 degrees in Las Vegas?
She had to wait until TODAY for a repairman to come out and take a look at it and he couldn't fix it right away, he had to get some more parts first. What misery!
She had to spend the last couple of nights at a friends house, sleeping at her place is impossible. How do people with no airco survive?
Tatiana is, as you read this, suffering naked, sweaty and very annoyed in her living room. Two fans are blasting air at her. It hardly helps.
Julia is on her way to Tatiana's rescue. A visit to Borders for some cooling off is on the agenda. Tatiana wonders why she lives in Las Vegas? WHY?!


Green on : Green

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Cool! Its really cool.


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