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House Music!!!

In the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine there is an article called "The Dance Takeover" featuring David Guetta, one of Tatianas favorite dj's. She plays his stuff at work, most people here in Alaska don't know what that is, they are more familiar with Metallica and AC/DC. Tatiana likes Rock too but she LOVES House and Techno. Her favorite David Guetta song is "Just A Little More Love" and she is pretty sure she already mentioned that somewhere on this blog.
That is why she goes to raves or maybe the more proper term for the events Tatiana goes to would be dance music parties, where various forms of Electronica is played. Tatiana needs to get some House to be sane.
Like Electric Daisy Carnival, also in the latest Rolling Stone. A two day party with around 100 000 people per day. Tatiana is not the only one that likes House Music it seems like.......And there is nothing like dancing to the same great beat as thousands of others, everybody in sync and happy, feeling it. It is tribal, it is inside us humans, we have been dancing to the beat since we were dancing around fires way back in the day.
Going to a bar to get drunk? No, Tatiana rather get happy at a rave. Listening to rap where some dude is talking about his ho's and cars and bling? Tatiana doesn't like when women are referred to as ho's, a flashy car is a waste of money and bling is dumb, Tatiana loves her Hello Kitty bracelets. Please don't "make it rain" it is sooooo over and take that oversized chain off, it is sooooo lame.
Tatiana does not think she will attend this years Electric Daisy, she is staying in Alaska. But there will be some other events later this year.
House Music all night long!


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