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Employee meeting today

Whatever. We have a yearly meeting at The Bush. Good points were made. But many were overlooked.
The good points. No more walking around the club topless. THANK YOU! Tatiana has been really annoyed with this. It is the only club she has seen this to be allowed. Topless should be on stage only or during a dance. No reason to run around topless asking for dances. Especially if you are going to be turned down anyway. Some of the girls should not take their clothes off at all actually. Sorry, but fat girls should not strip, that is Tatianas opinion.
There are a few girls in the club right now that have no business stripping.
We are getting 109 girls that will come through this Summer, not all at once, spread out. Tatiana hopes that they are pretty. Quality over quantity. It is better.
There was a new one that fell down the stairs the other day, too drunk. She had a very bad attitude and a horse face, big stomach. Hopefully she will take her ugly ass back to where she came from. Bye bye!
Clean up the lap dances. PLEASE DO! Why would you let guys touch you in a NON touching club? Why? Tatiana is wondering. What is wrong with these girls? Just put the guys hands to the side, it is THAT simple. Let's see if this rule will be enforced. Tatiana really hopes it will.
Being late for stage. Just rude. Be on time. And take your name off the list if you go home early. So easy but seems to be very complicated for some. How do they function in the world on a day to day basis?
Keep good hygiene. Seriously? Is this not a given? Should you not take a shower before going in to work as a stripper? This is America, hot water comes out of the faucet. From now on, when someone stinks, Tatiana will say something. Fucking GROSS.
And on THAT note, it is really fucking gross when guys come in to the club smelling nasty too. If you are out in public, do the rest of us a favor and take a shower, if you are too lazy for a shower - stay at home alone with your stinky ass. Thank you.
Stuff that was not discussed but really should, but wasn't......
That the club is becoming more of a bar hangout place than a strip club. We are having an increasing amount of young, clueless, drunk, disrespectful people come through. They just sit around and stare. Tatiana is not in there to get drunk or find a lay, she is in there to make money. Bring in the quality customers. Where did they go? But if the girls in the club are nasty and act that way too, then the guys will think it is ok to treat all of us bad. Tatiana is not ok with that.
Talking dirty in order to get a dance. Forcing guys to get a dance. What is up with that? Talking dirty to get a dance? That is gross and totally pathetic. Putting in all that effort just to get a no anyways. Then repeating the same spiel in the ear of the next guy. That just looks SO bad. And some guys will start thinking that dirty talk is or should be the norm. No wonder strippers get a bad reputation. Forcing guys. If this is the only way some girls make money then they really should look for another job. This scares the guys away and they won't come back.
The use of cell phones on the stage. Should be totally against the rules. Is it not illegal to take pictures/footage of people without their consent? People do not need to sit and text on the stage either. You are not that important, ok? And for all the people taking pictures of us girls in the club, you are pathetic losers.
Putting your mouth over a guys crotch area and blowing air. Biting guys nipples. Flashing the VAGINE during a dance. Seriously? We should have some standards on what is acceptable during a dance. All of that is trashy. Get some dignity, you are selling yourself cheap.
Peeing and doing the other thing without closing the bath room door in our dressing room. The door is there for a reason, use it. You are not at home, don't be yucky!
It was also said that we should be nicer to the guys in general and talk to them before asking for a dance.
Here are Tatianas views on that. If you sit on the stage and do not like Tatiana, fine. Tatiana probably does not think you are too hot either. But don't sit there and LOOK and don't tip. You can put up at least ONE DOLLAR per song, or remove yourself from the stage.
Tatiana will talk to you if you want a dance, if you agree to a dance she will talk to you before and after the dance. Or if you have something interesting to say. But Tatiana is not going to waste her energy talking to someone rude and/or drunk that wants to know if Tatiana is her real name? Or why she is doing this? What her favorite positions are? Can she give out her number? Meet up afterwards? Sorry, that kind of "conversation" is something that Tatiana will not bother with. Keep sipping on your beer - alone.
Usually Tatiana is really polite. It is totally ok if you do not want a dance from Tatiana - somebody else will. She will never over charge you or con you.
Yeah, that was it, pretty much. Tatiana totally loves her job!!!
: )
It's a beautiful, sunny Alaska evening here. Tatiana is taking Chhaya out on a long walk.


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