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Tatianas dream job!

Tatiana is so jealous! This girl has her dream job! Tatiana is next in line for the position!

Miss Madigan, 22, is earning þ1,000 to sleep in designer beds every day for a month.
The student, from Harborne, Birmingham, is helping with a "sleep survey" carried out by luxury bed specialists Simon Horn Ltd.
The company sells luxury Savoir Beds, originally made for the Savoy Hotel.
General manager Craig Roylance said Roisin will not only provide an objective view of the beds on sale, but will also be part of a look into what brings a good night's sleep.
He said: "It's a slightly quirky way of doing something quite serious.
"We're very passionate about beds. We wanted to conduct a sleep survey to help our sales team, but more importantly our customers.
"Just being in a good, good bed is not the only thing for a good night's sleep - there's lots of different factors such as routines before you go to sleep, drinking, light, temperature.
"We wanted to find somebody that for a month could sleep on our beds and somebody who was articulate and interested in writing about it."
He said they advertised the position and were shocked to have 400 applicants in the first day alone, followed by 200 in the second day.
The winning applicant proved to be Roisin Madigan, who studied Writing for Media Arts for two years at the South Bank University in London but moved back to Birmingham.
Mr Roylance said: "Because of the high cost of living in London, Roisin actually ran out of money and could not complete her course so she moved back to Birmingham.
"In her we've found somebody who is absolutely perfect."
He said the 22-year-old will spend 10am to 6pm in beds in the company's showroom in Edgbaston, then will blog about her experiences.
"We know exactly what we want her to do," he added. "She will not only be testing the beds, but we'll be putting her under certain conditions such as giving her alcohol or caffeine, changing the light, and changing the temperature.
"On some days she'll be actually sleeping in the window.

And for all you guys reading's a dream job for you.....

Jaime Rascone is no different than the rest of us in that the erstwhile DJ needs to grab the occasional odd job to make ends meet. But the Chilean lothario has all of us beat by holding the type of fantasy job that just sounds too good to be true: Quality Control in a brothel.
Rascone, an occasional male model and DJ, first happened upon Fiorella Companions in Santiago, Chile while working on a story about the country’s sexual revolution. He was offered the gig by Madam Fiorella, who needed somebody to provide that final “interview” in her hiring process. It goes like this: girls who are interested in working as VIP escorts for Fiorella have to undergo interviews, psychological testing, and a photo session. The applicants are whittled down to a final six, who are then fucked one after the other in a single day by Jaime. He takes diligent notes on, say, how they moved their hips and whether their groans were adequate, and makes recommendations to the madam. There is paperwork involved, which we find hysterical.
The article describing Jaime’s profession really needs to be seen to be believed, as it describes the yawning coffee-slurping Director of Quality Control starting out his day on “Mariana the stewardess” after making a phone call to a nightclub he manages. His day continues in this fashion as each candidate, all in their early 20’s, make their way into his “office” (which is equipped, of course, with a stripper pole and a suitcase full of condoms.) Each one is dutifully fucked, evaluated, showered off, and then the Prostitute Conveyor Belt gets fired up again.
The strain of the job is actually such that he can only do it once a month, testing around seventy girls or so a year. And, in fact, the article closes with a kind of haunting image of the guy getting dressed after a hard day’s work with huge dark bags under his eyes. Of course, that comes after an intense description of a volcanic threesome that ended the day so, y’know.


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F trooper on :

I guess I am from a different planet.
If its in a bed its not a job - its an adventure

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