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Somebody told Tatiana that she kind of looks like Mike Myers. Like in an ethnic way kind of. Like how some people that come from certain areas of the world resemble each other. Many can guess that Tatiana is of Eastern European origin because of her facial features. So Tatianas friend thinks that Mike Myers and Tatiana both have that regional Polish thing going, or something like that. Tatiana likes Mike Myers, he is funny.
Actually Mike Myers is Canadian with English parents supposedly, who knows where his grand parents are from. Maybe Poland.
Tatiana, Polish, both parents too. Tatianas ancestor? Genghis Khan.

Actually, Tatiana has worked with teeth like that in her mouth before, she got them at a costume store. Come on, work can be SOOOO boring and predictable, it is nice to get a good laugh sometimes. Tatiana would go up to guys, all up in their face, asking them if they wanted a dance, with those awful teeth in her mouth. And then pretend to get really sad when she got a no. That's funny! Yeah, she joked around a lot at work. Some girls just take themselves a little too seriously at work. Tatiana is far from dead, she needs to have fun.


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