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Tatiana is sitting on the couch, in her pajamas, relaxed after a nice day.
Today she went to Eklutna lake, it was really nice, she will probably go back there again, Chhaya loved it!
So you know, Tatianas hair is long. Should she change it? She doesn't think she is ready to cut it or anything drastic like that. She gets it trimmed like two or three times a year by Angelica, her good friend and hairstylist.
She might make it a little lighter this summer, as naturally as possible with a mixture of sunshine, lemon juice and vodka. And maybe put in a few strands of different colors in it, color that washes away or colored extensions.
Here is a pretty pic of a nice looking hairstyle and a totally FAB pic of Tatiana and Angelica.

Also for guys trying to figure out a good hairstyle, check out



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