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Mechele Linehan

Mechele Linehan used to be a dancer at The Great Alaskan Bush Company at some time during the 90's.
She is back in the head light again because she is free on bail after being incarcerated for allegedly murdering a man that she met at The Bush.
Quite interesting case, it has been featured on different tv shows and a book was written about it.
Well, there will be a retrial later this year (most likely) - the murder conviction has been thrown out, so Mechele might be innocent after all, this she has claimed since the beginning.
Tatiana believes that Mechele did get treated unfairly during the trial just because she happened to be a dancer. Lots of people have all these made up opinions about dancers, all of us are just bad, no good people. We just take innocent men's money. Well, no one is forcing the guys to come to the club in the first place and once they are in the club, no one is forcing them to spend money. If you don't want to be around such bad elements as us dancers, then don't come in to the club. And to all the women that are talking shit about dancers, it is not the dancers fault that your men are going to strip clubs. Tatiana does not want your man anyways, you can keep him. Most likely you are fat and ugly too, so go to the gym, get a pedicure and trim your big, furry, pubic hair - maybe then your man will stay home instead of lurking around at The Bush.
Tatiana is far from an expert on this case. If you want to learn more, click on the links that Tatiana has provided for your reading pleasure.
Just a few observations, samples from the info in the links.

"In her five-minute statement to the judge, Mechele Linehan said that when she worked as a dancer at the Great Alaskan Bush Company she made "poor choices." She admitted that she accepted gifts and money from men, including Leppink, whom she met at the bar."
Tatiana feels that Mechele felt she had to say she made "poor choices" by accepting gifts and money from men she met at the club. Excuse me? Why? If the guys wanted to give Mechele gifts, then she had the right to accept them if she wanted to. As far as the money, to Tatiana understanding it was customary to pay for lap dances and tip the girls on the stage bck then, just as it is today. So NO, Mechele did NOT make any poor choices in regards to that.
Tatiana seems to recall that Ted Stevens and Sara Palin also were accused of accepting gifts and money, but wait, they are "innocent" political figures, not "immoral" dancers. That makes them holy and innocent.

"The prosecution's theory is that Linehan was a seductive stripper at the Great Alaskan Bush Company in the mid-1990s and plotted with one lover to kill another for money.
During both Carlin's and Linehan's trial Gullufsen sketched her as a manipulative, money-grubbing woman who used her good looks to get what she wanted."
Observe the prosecution's description of Mechele, 'Seductive, manipulative, money-grubbing". Bla, bla, bla. Of course, she was such a bad person because she was a dancer. And good looking too? That certainly is a crime. Gullufsen probably wished Mechele would had dated him.

"Leppink became obsessed with Linehan, though, to the point where she traveled under a different name to keep him from following her, according to trial testimony.
At the time of his death, Leppink was desperate for money and distraught over Linehan."
Leppink did not seem that stable, did he? Has Tatiana ever encountered men at work that just liked her a little too much, bordering obsession? Just to answer shortly, YES. No need to go into details right now.

Tatiana thinks that Mechele should go free, she has a young daughter, she should be home with her child.
Predictions by Tatiana for Mechele, book offer, invitations to appear on talk shows, offer from Playboy. Tatianas advice? Take all the offers and build a secure future for you and your daughter, we are indeed living in the age of capitalism.

Tatiana for governor!


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Kevin on :

Even if all you said is true, Michele still might be guilty.

Tatiana on :

Hi Kevin,
Yes, Mechele might be guilty....or not....we'll see what will happen when the next trial wraps up. I can only speculate regarding this case and I am far from an expert on it.
Thanks for reading!
: )

My eyes may be stuck on :

"we are indeed living in the age of capitalism." Really? Wow. When did you discover this?

I didn't see anywhere that her looks were mentioned in reference to her not being a good person. But if true it she's not the first or last attractive person to be a jerk.

She is definitely responsible for getting and staying involved with a customer. Idiot. Or evil deciever. I've no problem believing she plotted to have Kent killed or was right there in the mix. It's not difficult to believe at all. And my beliefs have NOTHING to do with her chosen career or her looks. Speaking of looks, it's comical how she maintained unattractive men in her life, even her husband.

Forget all that, her voice is a crime. Geez. Gag reflex in action at the sound of her voice.


WOW.....I had to look back in my archives to see what entry you commented on. This entry is eight years old.....time flies.
And Mechele is out and about last I heard. I am not keeping track of this story, it is merely an entry I wrote that caught my interest since I used to work at the same club as her in Anchorage.
Never heard her voice. But I do know that her dancing and what she looked like has been mentioned plenty of times as in being something negative.
Many women are with unattractive men if they can provide a certain lifestyle for them, plenty of examples of that out there. Melania Trump is one.

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