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Britneys unretouched photos

Britney Spears decided to show what the photos she shot for a Candies ad really look like, before the retouching.
Tatiana thinks this is great, Tatiana loves Britney. Not a lot of celebs would do this, they pretend to be "perfect" instead, when as we all know, no one is.
Yes, even Tatiana. Sadly..........LOL.
Tatianas imperfections.......she is pale and has lots of cellulite. Fat thighs. Yellow teeth. Lots of grey hair (since she was 18).
Being pale is not necessary a bad thing, of course Tatiana gets a tan if she lays out but there's not much outdoors tanning to be done in Alaska right now.
The cellulite, they don't go away, Tatiana doesn't like them but whatever.
If you tan or put on self tanner the cellulite are less visible, that's why the majority of girls in strip clubs are tanned, it diminishes the appearance of cellulite and makes you look thinner.
Yellow teeth. LOL. Too much tea and coffee, at least Tatiana HAS all her teeth, LOL, and they are strong too. Like a horse!
The grey hair. Got discovered by her friend Zakia in Sweden during class. Zakia was playing with Tatianas hair and suddenly informed Tatiana that she had grey hair. What a fun discovery! Well, besides the grey, Tatiana thinks that her hair is in pretty nice shape, long and healthy and it's ALL hers.
You can't have it all so do the best with what you got.

Time to take Chhaya out.


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