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Ok, so now the dummy Jesse James, some LAME guy that got known for some tv show called "Monster Garage" and that's more known for being married to Sandra Bullock came out apologizing profusely because he supposedly cheated on her. Well, Sandra moved out from the lovey, happy household. He is sorry. Whatever. He is probably sorry that he is going to lose his movie star wife and status, that's what he is sorry about.
Tatiana doesn't really care about him BUT this is what's bugging her........ Jesse has a daughter, Sunny, with his ex wife Janine Lindemulder. Him and Sandra don't want Janine to have custody or shared custody of Sunny, remember Janine is the birth mother, not Sandra, that btw does not have children of her own. They claim Janine is an unfit mother due to that she used to be a porn film actress/star, actually she is Tatianas favorite porn actress. VERY YUMMY! Tatiana bought one porn movie in her life, one of Janines, she is HOTTTTT!!! Way cuter than Sandra, she is just a plain lady Tatiana thinks. So they have been bashing Janine in court, saying that she is an unfit mom and bla bla bla, Janine has been very nice throughout the process, only saying positive things about Sandra. Sandra and Jesse have been talking about their oh so wonderful marriage, they are such a great couple, right? And now this! LOL. So if their marriage was so perfect like they were busy pretending, why was he cheating? Hello?! Supposedly this has been going on for a while too. He cheated with some rather ugly, raunchy chick, full of tattoos, a big tattoo on her forehead. Janine has tattoos too. But she is good looking compared to this thing he cheated on his wife with. Jesse obviously has a penchant for the "bad girl" type, not "the girl next door".
And if he was so concerned with Janine being an unfit mother, he should have used his scrawny little brain and thought about this before they made a baby together. He was also married to Janine and left her when she was PREGNANT, for Sandra, supposedly. What a nice guy! Janine also did some jail time for tax evasion, whatever......the IRS should dig into Jesses money affairs. Air his dirty laundry.
Tatiana thinks that Jesse is a loser, Sandra is no good either, this is what she gets. Go Janine! And hopefully, in the end, the kids involved in this mess will all come out ok.
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