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Tatiana broke down and joined a gym the other day. She has not been to one to work out since October of last year, that is also when she stepped on a scale last......So yesterday Tatiana worked out and stepped on the scale......WTF!? The scale was showing frightening numbers! Maybe there was something wrong with the scale, cause Tatiana did NOT like what she saw! Late night, after work coffees with half and half and sugar and chips are from now NOT happening anymore. Tatiana is wishfully blaming some of the pounds on bloating and water retention since she also started her period yesterday.
She is going to weigh herself again next week. Hopefully the results will be better.
Besides this, it is a cold and gloomy day. No fun. Tatiana has a cold and a belly ache, she does not want to go to work at all but she is going to anyways.


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Carla on :

Tatiana: I like to avoid surprises about my weight so I weigh myself every morning after my shower. That daily record will indicate any undesireable trend of increased weight can be addressed fairly quickly.
Regarding bloating and water weight as a result of my own monthly blessing it is amazing how much it can affect what the scales say. A quart of water is about 2 pounds so it doesn't take much water retention to ruin my day when I read the scales.
I find that when it is cold and gloomy outside and I don't feel like going to the gym or for my morning jog ... that is probably the BEST time to do it.... I need to do it... the good results are important to my attitude about my life.
Carla :-)

Tatiana on :

In 2016 I have barely exercised at all. I want to start jogging again, I like it.

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