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Tatiana likes coffee

Tatiana remembers when she was little, she used to think coffee seemed so gross. Now she really likes it, coffee doesn't give her energy, she can drink a mug or two right before bed and go to sleep with no problem. Tatiana likes the way coffee beans smell and then she likes the taste, she needs lots of sugar and half and half, maybe some vanilla flavor a and whipped cream too.
Here is Tatiana drinking coffee.


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Anonymous on :

wow. I drink my coffe black. I love the smell too!

Carla on :

I love coffee also... exactly as you like it.... "Light and Sweet"
When I get a latte, I like it "fat free Milk with sugar free Caramel"
Great picture of you!!! Keeping warm.
Carla :-)

Tatiana on :

My fave coffee is still Kaladi in Alaska.

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