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Yep, Tatiana got a little chunky while in Vegas. She estimates that about five lbs of chunk is spread out around her thighs and butt and waist. Gross.
This has to go. And it is not going anywhere because Tatiana can't diet, she likes food too much and being hungry makes her very annoyed. And being very annoyed and working at The Bush is not a good thing.
There's only one other solution. Liposuction! Tatiana found a super cheap doctor or actually a med student, he is going to perform the liposuction this Sunday from his home that he kind of converted into like a hospital, kind of, it's cheap and Tatiana is really excited. She will be back at work just one week later, skinny and happy! This is great, a med student performing cheap lipo from his apartment!
LOL. No actually, Tatiana is just kidding. Hello! No liposuction, at least not yet.
No, the solution is the gym. Tatiana has not been to the gym since October, so it has been a while. The gym is the only thing that will help the chunk to go away besides a diet, and Tatiana is going to continue with her regular diet, which is "eat what you want", it's a great diet, you should try it too!
So yeah, Tatiana has been feeling like a chunk monster at work. The chunk is like very visible when you are wearing next to nothing, well actually nothing besides heels while on stage. Chunk is much easier to camouflage underneath clothes. But not at work. So the chunk has to go.
Tatiana will keep all of you up to date on the progress. She might go to the gym once, max twice a week. Tatiana is lazy and likes sleeping..........


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Carla on :

chunky Tatiana !!!
From what I see, that is definitely NOT so. From looking at your pictures in you new blog posts and even your older posts it seems that your gym visits and watching what you eat has done the trick for you. I eat what I want also but I have to exercise portion control. I am only 5' 3" so I don't have a lot of height to distribute extra weight.... plus I love all my clothes and I don't want to buy bigger sizes, that is a great incentive for me.
When I first started reading this posting I was surprised that you mentioned that you were going to have liposuction... I am VERY GLAD that you were just kidding.... to get your readers attention. IT WORKED.
I really love your older blog posts... very interesting reading following your adventures with life.
Carla staying un-chunky

Tatiana on :

Ha Ha - no lipo for me. I would rather go to the gym or jog.
Yes, fitting into your clothes (or not) is a great incentive.
I can't diet, I have no self control. I like food too much.
But I don't mind exercising......

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