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This impresses Tatiana!

No, not ugly bling on guys, please retire the fat chains (whether real or fake) with Jesus or dollar signs dangling from them, it is past the due time to retire the old Ed Hardy hat already and the shirt with the angel wings motif and some rhinestones glued to it in the back.
This is what some people do, that in Tatianas opinion is super cool.,223826

This girl, Hanna Teter, just won silver in Vancouver. She is going back to the States to live in her yurt, off the grid, with solar and wind power, she is a vegetarian and gave away her prize money. THAT is impressive! Tatiana doesn't know this girl but she loves her, this is Tatianas new hero.
Hopefully one day, not too far from now, Tatiana will be able to get away at least somehow. She is working on it. Living off the grid, at least a little, seems nice. Tatiana just wants to be around large crowds of people when there's loud house music present. Besides that, she will be happy with a few close friends, animals and nature.


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Carla on :

@Tatiana: I agree with you about "ugly" bling on guys.... I also really don't care for ugly, way too large and way too much bling on anyone.... it kind of takes away from the beauty of the person I think.

Hmmm, living in a yurt, off the grid with just solar and wind power does not sound like my kind of lifestyle. I like my heat and I like my air conditioning..... and I like dependable and ample electric power even with the sun is not shining and there is no wind.... batteries in those events do not cut it for heating, cooking, entertainment electronics, security lighting, etc. I like going away for a few days or a week and going camping without all of those conveniences but not for long term.
Like you, I like people... I am a social butterfly, I like to be around people, friends and family and I enjoy shopping..... these things are not handily available at an off-grid yurt in the middle of nowhere.
I presently have a small rural farm with cows, llamas, goats and chickens... I love where I live and I love my little farm and the good news is that I am only 20 to 30 minutes from civilization.
happy Carla

Tatiana on :

You have a small farm with all those animals?!
WOW.....I am officially JEALOUS!
I want that too!
I think I would be OK living a bit away from people, with myself and only a handful of others as company plus animals of course.
If I could spend two-three weeks in NYC a year in between my "isolated" living I think I would be fine.

Carla on :

Tatiana: It appeared to me that in many of your Alaska pics that you were in a semi-rural or rural setting and not surrounded by civilization but close enough to enjoy the things in town.... i.e. Kaladi Coffee?

I have 11 chickens and I love home raised and fresh chicken eggs ... they are so very good.... thicker shells, and when the eggs are cracked and put in a pan the yokes stand up and not flatten out like store-bought eggs. .... ....

I usually go out for a short jog or a run most every morning or evening depending on my work schedule. If the weather gets bad, like it is now, I have a treadmill that I can spend some time on, although I hate treadmills, I much rather like walking, running or jogging outside where I can see the scenery, smell the smells, etc.

I am close enough to town, about 20 or so minutes that I can go to dinner with friends, shop at Costco or a small mall ... no freeways, just 2 lane roads. I have some neighbors not too far away so that is nice too.

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