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Summer Plans

Summer is here....what are your summer plans?
I wanted to go to Sweden, preferably now but I have to put that plan on ice because I have a work related task I need to stick around for.
By the time I will be done with that there probably won't be enough time left for going to Sweden and preparing for Burning Man. I have my ticket for Burning Man so I hope I will be able to be there this year, sometimes end of August. Perhaps Sweden after Burning Man? Maybe.
I'm working a lot this week and maybe next to catch up on bills but then I am cutting down on the dancing until September. I still have my other job so I will finish my upcoming task for that. And then in between that I want to spend time outside. Hiking. Seeing things. Breathing in forest air. I wanted to do that last summer but didn't.
And I do not want to miss out on doing just that this summer instead of being bored inside of a dark club.
Before we know it Summer Solstice will be here and the days will slowly turn darker again.
The lattes will be iced from now on.


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