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Daytrip adventure

Perfect day for a roadtrip! Tatiana wanted to go back to China Ranch and the mudbaths in Tecopa, about 70 miles or so away from Las Vegas, over the hump towards Pahrump, as locals say.
Sunshine, clear skies and about 58 degrees. Also, Chhaya needed a day of fun.
Tatiana brought a friend and off they went.
China Ranch is a small, green oasis in the middle of the desert, date trees grow there and in the gift shop they make delicious date shakes. A hike away and you get to Slot Canyon, gorgeous scenery.
Then in Tecopa you can dine at the super yummy Bistro and then you can either go to a hot spring, more like a spa like tub with natural warm water coming straight out of the mountains........or you can get dirty and go into the mudbaths, warm to semi hot, brownish ponds of water with deep mud at the bottom, smells like sulfur but it is worth the dip!
Chhaya loves the mudbaths! So does Tatiana.
Had a great day! Chhaya is sprawled out on the couch, sleeping with muddy paws.
Here are pictures.
Besides this, Tatiana has been eating like a piglet and gaining weight, she is estimating by looking at her chunky self between 6-8 lbs. This will come off after she goes back to work, then there will be no late night eating. For now it's ok......Tatiana is telling


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You look pretty in pink to me.

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