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Octomom in a bikini

Tatiana is shocked over the recent pics in STAR magazine of the Octomom in a bikini. This woman squeezed out eight babies like a year ago and she already had six kids before the eight came along. So she has 14 kids, that's really freaky actually, to have that many kids and being a single Mom on top of it.
But back to the when she was nine months pregnant the Octomom supposedly weighed 270 lbs and now she lost like 150 lbs in a year. And she looks great, better than many girls Tatiana has seen that have no kids, very impressive! Tatiana thinks that Octomom has skinnier legs than she does. This makes Tatiana want to go to the gym, next month maybe.
So, while the Octomom was pregnant, she posed for some pics with her nine month super pregnant, stretched out to the max, HUGE belly. This belly was so enormous, it looked like an alien was hiding in it and now it's like flat, with no flabby skin or stretchmarks. The Octomom claims she has no surgeries, she claims she did it all the natural way by going to the gym and eating healthy. Maybe.
But she also claims to have no surgeries on her face, well, her face looks like some bad surgeries swept over it, cheek fillers and blow up lips, Tatiana thinks that Octomom chose to forget about the work on her face. A temporary case of Alzheimer's. Tatiana suffers from that too once in a while.
Although Tatiana thinks it should be against the law to have 14 kids, she does admire the Octomom for her impressive physique! Go Octomom! Next she should pose for Playboy and become a stripper.
Tatiana will give her a couple of free lapdance lessons if she is interested.


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