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Goodnight And Happy Thanksgiving

My day started with a trip to the grocery store. Got some food for my friends....the birds and the squirrels and whatever other animals that want to come through. They are all welcome.

Sometime in the late afternoon it was time for a walk.

Got home and made food. Tried this vegan turkey-less stuffed roast. Made mashed potatoes. Had some green beans and I still have apple pie - YUM. Very happy, thank you. I am sincerely grateful that I have food.

Watched a documentary about Studio 54 on Netflix. I've always been interested in that place, I don't doubt that it was nothing short of amazing like everybody that was lucky enough to experience it said it was. I feel bad for Steve and Ian in the aftermath when it all came crashing down, they were innocent by today's standards. They created happiness.
Now I am going to lay on the couch and fully enjoy the rest of my evening. Goodnight and Happy Thanksgiving!


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