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Purrington's Cat Lounge

Today me and a friend went to Purrington's Cat Lounge. A place where you can have a beverage in the company of cats. Cats that are available for adoption. Lovely! I had been looking forward to this visit.

A place with a La Marzocco espresso machine automatically gets a big thumbs up from me.

A latte please.....!

There were eight cats I think? A few were sleeping, one cat curled up at another guest's lap and stayed there the whole time. Other cats mingled and played. I love cats and I want several. What I really want is a large house with several dogs and cats and a large outside area with horses, cows, goats, name it. And I want to cuddle with all of them.
I felt extra much for this cat. So cute! I want!

I am glad these cats have a safe and warm place where they get food, love and attention. ❤️
It is sad that not all animals are cared for. Animals deserve the best. They are amazing.


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