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Cleaning out

Tatiana just spent some time this lovely night with cleaning out her closet and dresser. To her satisfaction she managed to assemble a large pile of clothes and bags that is now taking up space on the living room floor. All that will be donated, probably to Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Tatiana will not wear any of it anymore, hopefully somebody else can get use of it. Some stuff went straight in the trash. It felt good to clean out the closet.
Then Tatiana made a pile of clothes that will go up to Anchorage.
Earlier this evening Tatiana met up with went to Town Square and Planet Hollywood. Tatiana has her Victorias Secret PINK sweats now, in all kinds of colors. She might be getting some jeans from MISS SIXTY, maybe. Then she got some new rings. And that's about it. She looked through the JUICY stuff at SAKS but there wasn't anything that caught her eye. She is happy over the PINK sweats, they will be great this summer. With a tank top or t shirt and some flip flops. Comfy.
DA NANG! It's almost 3 am, Tatiana got up at 8 this morning and she had a busy day, time to sleep.


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