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Home Sweet Home

Another beautiful and sunny Las Vegas day is almost over. Tatiana is laying on the couch, fighting the urge to sleep. She doesn't want to go to sleep yet, it's too early.
Today Tatiana drove out to Lake Las Vegas, she wanted to see if there was anything fun going on there (meaning shopping). Lake Las Vegas is almost by Lake Mead so it's far from Tatianas place, she lives on the edge of Summerlin. Though Lake Las Vegas is very nice and scenic, the shopping is like non existent, for Tatiana at least. So on the way back she stopped at The District in Green Valley and walked around there. Better choices but nothing really caught Tatianas eye besides a few almond croissants at Whole Foods that she got to go, to eat later at home, and that can hardly be accounted for as shopping, that's eating and we all do that to survive.
There's lots and lots of shopping in Vegas. Many malls, from the ordinary mall to the more luxurious ones. And smaller shopping districts, like Boca Park (by Tatianas place) where they have American Apparel and a store called PINK where Tatiana took Julia the other day to get a pair of black UGG boot knockoffs with peace signs on them. Tatiana already had a pair and when Julia saw them she needed too. Actually the girls are already preparing their EDC outfits, they found super cute pink ROMPERS (lol) at American Apparel, they will wear them with some knee highs and the black boots, so far that outfit idea looks promising.
Tatiana is going again tomorrow. Fashion Show Mall and Town Square are on the list, maybe one more if Tatiana still has some energy left.
She is not looking to add a whole lot to her closet. She wants a pair of JUICY sweats and maybe two pairs of PINK by Victorias Secret sweats, easy to throw on with a cute tank top and comfortable.
Maybe a pair of MISS SIXTY jeans, Tatiana is hoping to find a cute pair, she saw a pair in LA last time she was there, hopefully she will find them here at the MISS SIXTY store at the mall in Caesars Palace.
It is nice to be back home. Tatianas place is so much more comfy, clean and homey than the apartment she rented in Anchorage, it's like night and day. It feels serene and it's roomy and pretty. So nice.........


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Joe on :

Just out of curiosity, what is the typical house fee for a typical Las Vegas club?

Tatiana on :

It depends on what club you work at and what timeslot you have, most clubs are open 24/7. That means three different shifts.
But usually between $ 60 -80 upfront, about $ 40 on top of that if you don't want to go on stage and $ 10 before you leave the club to the dj if you do go on stage.
And on top of that, if you go in the VIP, the VIP "host" will want money from the girl too, it's just dumb.

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