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It's getting late and Tatiana is going to sleep soon, she will read a few gossip magazines first, just to get the updates.
But before that, while she still remembers, she needs to tell you about the Prinsesstårta!!! That's in Swedish and means Princess cake. And it is SOOOOOO good and to Tatiana's joy, was served at IKEA this last time Tatiana was there, on New Years Day.
Tatiana looooooveeeees Prinsesstårta, it is a cake that originated in Sweden and she would get it for her birthday. If you are close to an IKEA, go in and try this cake, it is the best!
They even have it prepackaged to take home, Tatiana ate all four pieces in the package she brought home with her tonight, she had plans on sharing the Prinsesstårta with some friends but couldn't help herself and scarfed it all down this evening. Actually, she has been on a scarfing down binge since New Years, there needs to be some jogging done this week. Seriously. The thighs are filling out.
Yeah, Tatiana is super happy that she can have Prinsesstårta in the US now, thank you IKEA!


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