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Only in Vegas

Tatiana just got home after spending some time with Julia at Barnes & Noble, yes the same Julia that's on the front page of the blog, in bed with Tatiana. They had some quality time spent with cupcakes (again) and chais with lots of whipped cream. No lattes tonight, Julia had taken a caffeine pill or two earlier that she had bought at the 99 cent store and was feeling kind of weird. Here in Vegas you can get a WHOLE bottle of potent caffeine pills for ONLY 99 cents, plus tax. That's a GOOD deal! If you need some, put in an order with Tatiana and she will send you the bottle. Take advantage!
What else is going on in Vegas besides the good weather? And that Tatiana is back of course........
Well, Tatiana and Julia are planning on going to "Little Darlings" next week, a strip club, to watch a "Miss BBW" contest, the first price is $ 1000 and only large women that are in charge can enter. Tatiana is in charge but not large enough, we are talking big and beautiful ladies here. The girls are exited, they are hoping to see some fat camel toes squeezed into some too tight booty shorts and fat asses rippling with cellulite. Yeay! Good times! They are bringing lots of dollar bills and a few fives to give to their favorites BBW's.
Also happening in Vegas........a great opportunity not to be missed! For all the ladies out there wanting to work at one of the lovely brothels scattered around Nevada....... Tomorrow night only, a contest at the "Deja Vu Erotic Ultra Lounge". The price? To become a "Bunny Ranch Girl". Dream job! Hello! Tatiana might have to go and watch this spectacle too. Imagine bringing your Grandparents to this contest.......they would LOVE it, LOVE IT!
The current unemployment rate in Las Vegas is hovering around 12.5 % and a staggering 70 % of Las Vegas homeowners are underwater on their mortgages (Tatiana falls into this category).
Maybe now is a good time to work at the Bunny Ranch? Well, not for Tatiana.......she is just spreading the word, in case somebody is looking for a job. See how considerate she is! She thinks only ladies can apply, maybe she - males too.
It's getting late here, Tatiana is going to do some cleaning. Then sleep. She just had to inform all of you about the latest Vegas news. Oh yeah, City Center is open, not all of it but big parts, Tatiana hasn't been there yet but it looks very nice from the outside. There are some nice stores there, Tatiana is curios.
Well, at least there's no room to be bored in Vegas, unless you choose to.


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