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Thanksgiving Evening

It's getting late on Thanksgiving evening. I will probably sit up for a few more hours, reading and maybe finding something interesting to watch. I watched a documentary on Bob Marley earlier. Do you have a favorite Bob Marley song? Mine is Could You Be Loved .
So Thanksgiving is about food for a lot of people. I do not spend a lot of time cooking because I do not have the patience to cook for hours. I am far from a Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen. But I managed to prepare and eat very delicious and colorful food today. The only thing I spent any time on was the potatoes that had to get peeled, boiled and then mashed. And the red cabbage had to be chopped and cooked. Then I had brussel sprouts, green beans, brown gravy and cranberry clementine sauce. And there is plenty left for tomorrow!

After my meal I went over to my neighbor Allison's home with cookies and pies.

Later I took a long walk and now I am laying on the couch with a warm puppy next to me. A very nice, warm and pleasant Thanksgiving. I hope you had a nice day as well.


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