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National Coffee Day

September 29 is National Coffee Day and yes of course I got a coffee today - a 16 ounce extra hot oat milk latte to be exact.
Yes I am holding my latte cup from this morning in the picture.
Today was also the first (out of three) presidential debates between Donald Trump (R) and Joe Biden (D).
Exciting! I covered the 2016 race for president pretty extensively in the blog. This year I am really busy so I do not think I can cover the race as much. Tonight I followed the debate with distractions so I don't really have a good opinion about how I think they did. Most likely Trump will receive the most criticism from the media because that is how it has been since a while now, no matter what he does or says he can never get it right in main stream media.
All I can say is try to be a leader of a country while there is a world wide pandemic happening. Not the easiest task.

Anyhow....Happy National Coffee Day! This is the morning latte from earlier today....
I am since a while now choosing oat milk instead of cow milk in my lattes. It is very good! Try for yourself! Other milk alternatives that you can often find in coffee shops are almond, coconut, hemp and soy.


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